Wednesday, December 15, 2010
I thought the dryer balls I bought years ago at a dollar store would be comparable to the Norwex version.  They are not.

The round, blue, knobby baseballs I have been using have dented my dryer, and are so noisy,  I couldn't use my dryer if someone was sleeping.  But that is the cost of "going green"... right?

Now that I know better, I have to ask myself, "Has not every single Norwex product you have tried been an improvement to what you were using before?"  It has. 

Norwex Dryer Balls are soft, and oval shapped, to roll with the rotation of the dryer, not pinball inside the drum.  They do what they were designed to do - soften fabrics naturally - and they do it better then the cheaper alternatives.

Now, I realize there are some of you out there who still use fabric softener and dryer sheets...

Here's why I made the switch:
  • Common dryer sheets greatly reduce the flame retardency of children's clothing
  • They create toxic fumes when released with heat
  • Warranties on some new dryer models can be negated because of their use
  • Their inert ingredients can cause cancer, liver disease, Alzheimer's, and many other chronic disorders
  • Common dryer sheets can cause allergic reactions on your skin
  • They create a clogging residue on your lint screen that can cause the heating element to burn out 
I didn't believe the last one till I tried to rinse my dryer screen, and the water beaded, collected and would not run through till I scrubbed it with a brush!

I no longer use the full-of-frangrance-to-mask-the-chemical-smell fabric softener, nor the single use, landfill destined dryer sheet alternatives.  I just wish that when I made the switch, I landed in the middle of the road with Norwex Dryer Balls, rather then making do with the bargain basement version!


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