Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My neighbour got a car cloth from his wife and he is sceptical as his car is his baby, but decides to try it. He is in love! His car buff buddy comes over and my neighbour tells him, "You need to see this cloth my wife gave me. It works like a charm. It is best cloth I have ever used!" His buddy say, "No, I have the best cloth ever, I got it at a trade show." When my neighbour shows his buddy his Norwex Car Cloth, his buddy excitedly says, "Yes, that's the one!!!"

Christel S from Red Deer, AB CANADA

My experience with the Car Cloth is the first time I used it to dry and polish my Navy Blue Van. My husband came home from work and the first thing he noticed was my shining new Chevy Van. His first question was "Did you wax your Van?" I just chuckled and said, "No silly that would have been too much work!! I used my new Norwex Car Cloth!!" Needless to say he was very impressed!!

Crystal B from Madelia, MN USA 

I gave my brother-in-law the car cloth along with the basic Enviro Cloth. Months later I asked him how he liked them. He liked them but would only use them inside the car. Because he felt they would scratch his car, he wouldn't use the Car Cloth on the exterior. After much discussion and prodding, he said he would try it, but I had to pay for any damages done by the cloth and I readily agreed to that. A few hours later I received a call from him and all he said was, "You're right." If you knew him as I do, you would know that was a big concession on his part!

Mary N from Niagara Falls ON, CANADA

I have a motorcycle and so do friends of mine and we love the Car Cloth. It is way better than other products out there as you don't have to wring it out as much and, when you do, it is so much easier to wring out. Even my male friends love this cloth! We even carry it in our bikes because it is very compact for traveling.

Lisa from Welland, ON CANADA


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